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A generated map showing the player's location and surrounding tiles.

What is Ender's Quest?

Ender's Quest (EQ) is a work-in-progress MMORPG ran on Discord, with development beginning in late 2018. The game currently has a wide array of features, including card battling/collecting, mining, woodcutting, an extensive battle and skill system, the ability to adopt and train pets, guilds, a visual map system, and more. The bot running the game utilises node.js and various image processing libraries to dynamically create images of your location in the game's world, making it a text-based adventure with visual feedback on most actions.

More features are currently in progress, including a player housing system where you're able to place objects found and crafted in your own private interior, with the ability to invite friends to visit. PvP in both real battles and card battles will be more fleshed out, as well. The goal is to have as much of an interactive multiplayer experience as possible within the limitations of Discord.

The Story

In ancient times, the titans that created the world were in an endless war. Their pantheon included Ulthwe, the titan of wisdom; Gudai, the titan of war; Yaegai, the titan of life, and Mirae, the titan of magic.

During this war, Mirae was wounded - her magical blood seeping deep into the world's crust. This blood then infused the world with energy, forming what is known as the Mire.

The Mire is the source of the world's mana. Every being with innate magical ability has been touched by the Mire in some form, with some more resistant to its effects than others. These beings are known as Mireborn, and any being touched by the Mire will pass on these properties through their offspring.

This mystical substance, usually confined deep underground near the world's core, presents itself as an oil-like liquid with a deep red color resembling blood. Every few centuries, the Mire seeps out of the ground from deep within the world's crust in an event known as The Great Bleed, starting the cycle once again.

It is believed that Mirae has been long sealed away underground, an act of the titans to halt her bleeding; though where she may be, or if she even existed, is a subject of debate by the human scholars.

In recent years, the Mire has been rising out of cycle. Previously unaffected areas are now swamps, and water supplies are being contaminated. What's more, it does not seem to be stopping and the presence of Mire on the world's surface is only increasing exponentially. A group known only as The Enders believe this is due to a change in lunar orbit, and aim to purify and destroy all sources of the Mire; an act that would end the existence of magic altogether. The Makers, however, a direct opposition group to The Enders, are attempting to locate Mirae and awaken her from her eternal slumber.

Within the ancient kingdom of Vleurhal, you find yourself in a seemingly abandoned prison; the stench of the Mire filling its musty hallways and staining its walls a deep, blood red...