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Name Location Requirements Reward
Prison Break Vleurhal Jail None 1,000 Coins, 100 EXP
Mysterious Insignia Reunei Strange Insignia 250 EXP
Axed to Find Reunei None Forest Permit, 100 EXP
Witch's Brew Reunei None Philosopher's Stone, 100 EXP
Refining Silk Reunei Witch's Brew 100 EXP
πŸƒ Reunei Style Reunei None 1,000 Coins, 250 EXP
A Little Problem Vleurhal Mine None Worn Pickaxe, 250 EXP
The End of Terror Vleurhal Palace Level 15 Emperor's Note, ⭐⭐, 1,500 EXP
A Stone Prison Beach Cave None ⭐, 1,250 EXP
Rat Slayer Farmstead None 2,500 Coins, ⭐, 250 EXP


Name Location Requirements Reward
Bandit Trouble Taposa Level 5 15,000 Coins, ⭐, 1000 EXP
Surprise Attack Plundered Caravan None Map Piece [1], 500 EXP

Hell's Point Wastes

Name Location Requirements Reward
Bat Time Hell's Point Castle None 50,000 Coins, King's Wooden Sword

The Nightmare

Name Location Requirements Reward
The End of Nightmares The Nightmare Completion of The End of Terror Nightmare Crawler

Challenge Rift

Name Location Requirements Reward
Secret of the Rift The Challenge Rift All 4 Rift Stones 500,000 Coins, Unique Equipment